Monday, September 10, 2012

आना होगा मधुशाला

एक कवि की दर्द भरी आवाज़ कोई और नहीं ,एक कवि ही समझ सकता है।उसके कविता के अधिकांश शब्द या तो आज विलोप्त हो चुके है या लोगो ने उन शब्दों को समझने से इंकार कर दिया है ।वो शब्द जो मिसरी जैसी कानो में घुल जाती  थी  और माहोल जैसा कोई त्यौहार जैसा प्रतीत होता था ।
  है विश भरा उन प्यालो में ,उन प्यालो की क्या कीमत होगी 
    जो उनमे अमृत मिला ,तब उनकी क्या कीमत होगी ।
 मन ने पूछा ,"क्या भाव है इन रस भरे प्यालो का ?"
     उत्तर आया ,"भाव मै नहीं ,लगाते इनको पीने वाले ।।

समय समय की बात है ,लोगो का जमावरा लगता था,अब कवियों के सम्मलेन होता है और लोग वही होते है जो पिछले सम्मलेन में थे ।
एक मस्ती भरी टोली आ पहुची एक कवि समेल्लन में ,
             न सुर का ज्ञान ,अनभिग थे अधिकांश शब्दों से ।
          लगे करने अचानक,"वाह ! वाह !",
                      बगल में बैठा बुढा बोला ,"आप  कवि है ?"।

आप किसी कवि समेल्लन में  जाये ,आप पाएंगे उनमे अधिकांश सुनने वाले या तो लेखक या कवि है ।किसी को सुनने वाले न मिले तो सुनने आ गाये या कुछ कवि रस का आनंद लेने पहुच गए ।
 ऐ  मेरे कविता सुनने वाले कवि ,तुम भी एक कविता लिखना 
             जो तुम्हारे श्रोता मागे तुमसे अमृत का प्याला ,देना तुम उनको मधुशाला।
          अगर जो तुमको न मिले सुनने वाले ,तो मुझको  सुनाना  अपनी कविता ,
            पर तुमको आना होगा मधुशाला , लेके विश का प्याला ।।

Friday, September 7, 2012

My friend s Love

     55 words:limited edition fiction

The woodland shoe landed with a thud in the Capitol hill gained all attention.The table was organized with her sitting beside a handsome man;her new boyfriend.I looked into her eyes.It had tears with a smile.”Meet Manish”,She said looking at the shrimps which he  must have ordered.”I am going to marry him”,She said again now looking at the glass of wine.I was startled and overjoyed;my destiny,my love,I thought.But,Alas,she holds his hand.What happened?
His name was also Manish.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sadhu who became a beggar...

T he night was gloomy and the humid with no soul walking around .Air was thin and the leaves were trying hard to move in the stillness whose origin was related to the  the earth-moon position and tidal waves harmony.The night so dark that it needed no extra adjective to describe itself.It was as dark as coal.In such night  D was almost staggering to reach his dear wife who was alone in the house.While walking across the boundary walls of an old cementary with large oak trees planted across its periphery ,he heard a murmur,"I am lost.Show me the path.I am lost..."
                                   D hesitated to turn back or look aside but humanitarian attitude of the species ,Homo Sapiens often win in situation like this.He did turned back and followed the voice which was coming from somewhere in the cementary.He reached an old grave beside which was sitting an old figure,very much alive,could be said as his murmur  could be heard clearly in that gloomy and humid night.D's heart was pounding fast but he was a man,a self made man.He was'nt afraid of such circumstances.He niether feared ghost not liked angels.But,he did put his faith in dark powers.
He asked with a strong voice,"What are you doing here".  The old man replied with his face still turned around,"I am lost.I am a man with no eyes.Please show me the path."
D said,"Come on,grab my hand."The hand felt cold in that sweating night.
The man turned around,a man in his fifties with a long face decorated with an unevenly grown beard.His attire was not of my desire but for sure,his outfit best suited his beard.His attire needn't  need description. Nonetheless,he could be compared with a Sadhu.A sadhu ,the thought made D think about the existence of God which he has always denied.
"Why are you here?",he asked.
"I am lost.Take me out of here.See,I cannot see?",the old man of the cementary replied.
D observed his eyes closely.It where not the eyes of a blind.It had a glow like that of a sadhu.He can see.D thought.
"But you can see.You are not blind from your eyes."D said in a confident tone.
There was a silence for a second.Silence in such grave silence,for a second.

"Yes ,I have eyes.Real eyes.But i am blind.My inner eyes is unable to see anything.I see but i cannot see.So,you can see ,why i cannot see.",the old man started talking aesthetic.
"Are you an alien.",D tried to confirmed.
"What is an alien?",The man murmured in confusion.
"Never mind",D said.
A sadhu who wanted to be a beggar;a rich beggar.Making a plot of something deep and spiritual to elude D in order to make some easy money  was going to take an ugly turn of which the sadhu was not aware of.Their is not much difference between a sadhu and a beggar.Both roams,one in search of God and Peace while the other in search of easy money and food.One is given respect while the other is never invited.Both wears simple just enough to cover the body.But still sadhu has been respected since ages but now in this modern times ,even sadhu s are finding a hard times for survival.Today’s hectic scenario has given limited space for his movements.And this old sadhu by the grave was one of the victim.A victim of times,circumstances and events which was never in the favour of their fraternity.

Mr .D took the old man from the cementary to curvy and bumpy roads to a nearby slums which was not far from the city.Slum dwellers on seeing D closed their windows and shut their doors giving a gesture of the arrival of a fearing and heinous creature.The old man was unaware of the conspiracy which was being woven inspite of his presence.May be the old man,the sadhu was hungry of popularism and afraid of loneliness and abandonement which his sadhugiri has given him.This must have blinded his inner eyes .This must have blinded his faith and ignorant to his own knowledge which he has been spreading for  years,to adapt with circumstances .He was lost.

D took him to a old cemented cottage among hundred of jhoparis.He was’nt as afraid because he was’nt aware and also because he  was alone in the nasty world which thinks of everyone but cares for none.The world which has sympathy in its dictionary but denies the  existence of word empathy.The Dark Lord or Modern Day Mafia with dark powers appeared before them.A tall,cunning-looking and sharp-eyed holding a cigar between his lips appeared from the darkness;the darkness which mocked the kerosene lamp which with its weak luminance was trying to remove darkness.Mr. D presented the case of inner eyes Vs outer eyes.

The mafia said,”Hmmm.His inner eyes has gone blind.”.
“Ji,Sahib”,D replied .
“Hmmm.If he can’t see with the outer eyes,then we need to do urgent operation.”.the mafia said in hurrying tone.
The sadhu  was taken inside for operation unaware of the happenings.He has submitted himself to the circumstances.
Meanwhile,the voice of the Mafia roared,”This sadhu will make a good beggar”.
The Sadhu ,poor old man cried in pain ;pain accompanied with a smile because his outer eyes were showing him the world which his inner eyes has never dreamed of.