Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Somebody’s reading,Keep writing

After reading so many articles on Love and Valentine,i became so lovely in the eyes of myself.Can such things ever happen in my life after crossing twenty five and only a few years remaining in my arranged marriage,I guess there is little scope of love . Well,ceertainly love will take place after marriage.I am still confused, has Love become the easiest subject to think and write upon or has it become the challange that every blogger want to take.I say,Love isn't the easiest challenge.It is easiest to fell in love and it becomes a challenge afterwards.I always wanted to fell in love but my luck favoured my friends.It is always beautiful to read someone's first love and first valentine.For sure,I haven't read a blog titled My last Love on my first Valentine.The thirst of love has always remained unquenchable.I fell in love three times.Simulated by my friend from Lucknow who insistingly asked a question repeatedly,”Who is your true love?”,though I did nt try to answer it the first couple of times.But ,after I gave it a thought,it seemed to me that I was infatuated rather than in love which I thought in the start of my love career.No toxic is better than being infatuated. It has been quite a couple of month dedicating most of my time for fulfilling the reading interests of others.It has also a long time,I talked to my best friend.Today,we don’t share our daily activities nor our daily achievements.We usually talk on national holidays and our birthdays ‘s which occur only twice in a year.I have assumed in my full conscience that reading is the best habit and books are your best friend.

For a person with not a great IQ,it took twenty four years to fully understand the meaning of a friend , the advantage of having books as your best friend.Growing in me ,a prolific reader who likes to read and write and publish on internet or in some magazine do not get a hell lot of reviews.Apart from writing on a plethora of topics extending from love, infatuation, democracy, cartoons,spiritualism and demonism i don t get a lot of audience.But still no regrets,until i came to realise,that audience in unnecessary ,What matters in the content and your self satisfaction. Well, old thought but still holding strong.
Treacherous are the reasons,read it anyway,
Don’t keep it concile,spread it anyway,
Don’t limit your senses,expand it anyway,
Strike the errors,why keep it anyway.
Understand the fallacy,remove it anyway,
Stretch your eyes,say it beautiful anyway,
Believe your senses,understand it anyway,
Somebody is reading,tell yourself anyway.


  1. He he.. Well every blogger has his/her own thinking.. Some bloggers are just lucky to hv gr8 audiance while some being very good has less audisnce.. But really it should not matter.. N should be a concern.. If there r bad times there vl b good too..

    Gr8 post.. N i believe love is a very general topic today n u dont hv to be a scientist to know or write about it..

    Hope u get ur love soon.. Take care n keep writing.. :)

    1. "one true reader is all i need",thanks for reading Sravanth.And Yes,love is a subject which needs no prior qualification.
      And once again,thanks for appreciation.

  2. Hehe...good one.
    By the way, here's wat I had written for Valentine's Day!

    1. thanks Shaivi,and welcome to my blog.