Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge #4

Lover's Cove Challenge #4

It's that time again! Time to head on over to, other wise known as "Lovers' Cove" and take part in this week's challenge! Please read the Guidelines and Q's & A's thoroughly before entering! In short, you must come up with a line of 15 words or less and your line must continue on in thought based on what the previous person on the linky wrote!


"Behold! I am renewed again, for the spirit of love has descended upon my heart!"


"Years, I've wandered aimlessly through the midst of the shadows trying to elude the dark."


"Darkness isn’t always so dark becomes hope when our imagination wants to look for a light." 


"A light that has been trying to find its sight through such darkness night."


"This darkness becomes me, I am but the light of our shadow that quivers."

"Yearning for a flight towards the dream, away from the claws of fear." 


"And I rise, rise towards destiny till what the heart wants seems so near."


"Yea, and  so I rise, wearing this darkness that’s also light, like sapphires beyond price."


"I would rise and fly high till I touch the sky, conquering an eternal bliss.”


 “The bliss I feel… Ah it transports me into a world so enchanting, and suddenly, I am set free…"


"This is the Eden of our love...which I will cherish and safe guard forever"

The fragrance of eternal flowers of love permeates this fluttering heart....I feel beautiful."

My line

With stupendous efforts ,still I feel melancholy in my heart,for I am alone 

Good luck for the next participant.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My wife and Sharukh

Every morning  the rising sun rays rubs my forehead gently with tenderness like a mother(except during summer when i keep my window shut ) and my dear wife wakes me up with a cup of hot tea.A rolled newspaper bounded by a very thin strip of thread is found on my balcony.It must be thrown by the small boy who can get a gold medal in Olympics for his newspaper aiming for targeting the customer gates.He always do it with least  margin of error and all the times the rolled newspaper lands on the gates with a small thud.My wife invites me in the garden.I walks with small steps of pride  of owning a garden with a medium-sized round table with arch-shaped designer chairs adding to the beauty of the table.Keeping in mind the perimeter and area of my oval shaped garden with my house standing tall at its eccentricity ,I planted a lot of beautiful white oak trees:trees that owns itself.I often get  confused on the mere thought of sorting the beauty list in priority of objects present in my garden viz.,arch shaped chair,round table,evenly cut grass,a large iron gate,beautiful white oak and a beautiful wife.
Sometimes not having a child gives you the advantage of discussing anything ,just anything from Victoria’s secret to Manmohan’s secret.Nevertheless,we are planning to have a child after the rupee value gets stronger and the Indian economy improves.The rolled newspaper is a twenty-four page encyclopedia of current affairs and general awareness throwing light on almost every aspects of life and covering every topic from politics to war and sex to condoms. Being a die-hard fan of J K Rowling,I have always been thinking of reading newspaper similar to that of in Hogwarts except the contents.Well the dying democracy with a corruption so deep won’t allow a technology to excel which can be a means of recreation for the public.My wife,a very gentle human with a tender heart always shouting over articles which concerns woman injustice.The world is going to hell or the humanity is turning into barbarism or  why the rate of vegetables are rising and that of chickens are falling are her favourite comments.Well,I have always respected her admiration for women empowerment except when it comes to Sonia Gandhi and Rabri Devi.She once asked,I considered it then as a joke,Which state has got a husband and a wife serving as chief minister in consecutive terms?I was puzzled but  I think,you will be not.
The world lay flat on my table with page 3 with my wife and sports page was giving stress to my sports spirit.My beautiful wife who loved Sharukh more than me murmured something pleasant which sounded like,”I love you…”.I replied back in a romantic tone,”Me too…Darling”.She murmured again,”Not you Darling.”.My world,at that time only,lay shattered on the table just like the Indian cricket team crumbling into pieces against the English.Sachin got out for a duck but Sharukh hit a century on my face. Infact, my wife loves me very much but I in my utter conscience I do accept the fact that she never said,”I love you more than Sharukh”.Most often I  read the first page at last in my newspaper reading session because at that time my wife is gone and almost all worthy and unworthy news is covered by me and my wife including the marvellous ads and weather news.
                                            Almost reading for an hour ,sipping my cup of tea at times,i came across a weird advertisement.The advertisement read like...
             Are you a   Consumerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............
                                                    Reelaxe  your past and Restore your future.
The ad was on cosmetics.I was consumed with it for a while.Never mind,it is just an ad on enhancing female beauty,my inner self consoled me and i murmured,Am i ugly than Sharukh.Bullshit ,,,
The next moment I was busy reading Manmohan,Modi,Sonia,Mulayam,Aishwarya's baby,Salman 250 crores,flood,economy crisis,deaths,murder and crime.Offff!So much on one page.I was still,I felt in my sub-consciousness was occupied with my ugliness.Never mind....I kept sipping tea in between i turned pages and  changed thoughts.
Lo!What happened?My tea finished the moment it came.What  was i sipping then?Imaginary tea or just like one from the tea ads described in the newspaper.Anyways it was worth sipping.But even in my reality,my wife keeps Sharukh at the top is her Lover's Priority List.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Love Desires victimised ....

Where do you work,beta?How much do you earn?Is it in rupees or dollars?Is it a public firm?You have a company quarter?You can cook.right? Bla!Bla!Bla!A sea of questions as if giving an interview of a  lifetime.Isn't it irking or is it a process through which every man and woman has to go through.Well,after watching Dostana and hearing many news related to homosexuality,i thought their may be some exceptions.Exceptions is a necessary ingredient in every subject in discussion.                                             

Love is a natural disaster which brings along sweet catastrophe and fun follows. and marriage with funny techniques is a funny way to show the world,the unity of two souls till eternity.

Love         respect             admire       faith          belief 
are a  few  masalas for any relationship to grow and flourish. Starting  from friendship to some serious relationship like   marriage gives shapes to an individual's life. His status and stature is determined by his behaviour and the faithfulness with which he serves his society.Altogether we are body with brain and beauty bounded in social chains ,and if break this shackles of limitedness , then we are ought to be called as an anomie.Nonetheless,disregarding society and its divine rules brings disrepect to an individual and his family.
Let us take a burning example : Marriage.  In India, matchmaking for marriage has a long and established history. In older days, family purohits or pandits used to suggest suitable match for the children. They used to meet parents, relatives and bride and groom to make sure that the match is a suitable one. On top of it, astrological compatibility was given a main preference. If the kundlis match, then only marriage used to take place.The role of beautician and milkman bringing suggestions about prospective brides and grooms to the interested families was equally important.Well,nothing has changed much.Today such marriage bureau not only exist outside the family boundaries but also inside in the form of brothers,sisters,etc.Let us not also forget about the precious matrimonial sites doing the job a lot easier.This kind of marriage taken through a zillion  discussions,asking the god and the world for a perfect match,arranging meetings ;without taking into account the emotions of the bride or the groom ;meeting it as a personal responsibilty and sometimes as a burden does no personal good.It is a man-constructed foundation for supporting two souls to make them fall in love.And,see the human psychology ,most of us do fall in love after marriage.May be it was arranged but it becomes love after all.This is the beauty of  the extent of human adaptation for which the society must thank.Sadly many couple do not fall in love after marriage.Their marriage becomes just a set of rules.

What is LOVE...  Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.
Corinthians 13:4-8
Love is blind.And because of the complex and abstract nature of love,discourse on love is commonly reduced to a thought terminating cliche.Lifton has rightly said,
"The language of the totalist environment is characterized by the thought-terminating cliché. The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed. These become the start and finish of any ideological analysis.".
                                           Love happens and when it happens it never stops to ask the consent of family or society.The power of love brings hope,belief,strength and respect. Heart says,If Love happens ,Make it happen ,Break all barriers, Live live and feel Love.
 Just a side 
To an anguished street
For what we believe
If we hide 
May be we can make it through this
Is it fair 
To be burned away/
Is it fair
That we live this way?
For a life we did'nt ask for
                                                                                                 (not written for contest)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A die-hard lover and A confused doctor

   A die-hard lover and A confused doctor

 *posted with humour
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Friday, August 10, 2012

When i woke up one day ?

One day he woke up warm and tired.He was sleeping late,just returned from the ugly night shift.May be he has lost track of the time.He looked out of the little window of his.It was dark outside.His mind was also lost in the darkness.
Half asleep,Half awake,he dialed his mother,"I want to talk to Dad and he his is not picking up".
"May be he must be in the office,call the other number,beta",the voice was heavy.
"What happened,beta?",she asked.
"Ma,I haven't talked to him since a  long time.I want to give him the good news that his son has got a promotion.He is now senior engineer"He said without taking a breath.
The breath was growing heavier on the other side.Suddenly,a death silence covered the the whole room.
The son realized.
His father had passed away one year ago.
A true incident.I really miss him.

Monday, August 6, 2012

No comments OR no Regrets



When i said,"I like dictatorship".  
They said,"People want Democracy".
I asked,"Then why you choose Sonia Gandhi or Mayawati or   Laloo ".
They replied,"This is democracy".
Well,in my full consciousness,i will say,"I love democracy". Please repeat that.I only wrote the above conversation to direct you towards the indifferent attitude or the callousness of the political leaders.Public,in general,they seldom argue after the election if Water,Electricity and fuel injection for their cars comes cheap.Political leaders, in fact always keeps the person elected in news so that they can be elected in next election otherwise the same who was elected will be elected again .Remember ,people have got a common problem in them to elect the same person again and again.Thanks to the opposition parties for this and also medical science.Nevertheless,if internet is working 24 hours and their is a Friday Release which must be a blockbuster plus every cinema hall is made a multiplex and the sensex is always stable if not on  a rise everytime, then i will say that the common perception of the general public towards  the Indian politics will become something like I DON'T CARE.Well ,exceptions will always be there fighting for justice,corruption,human rights, environment,etc,if not for the nation then for themselves.People of a toatally-nation devoted type will always be there fighting with a goal but without a team.

This has  become the common perception of most of the people,if i argument with them on the present poitical scenario, i get the above answer defying the very motive of the efforts of people like Anna or Kejriwal or the legends like Gandhi & Bhagat Singh who gave their lives for us.For us who can live a happy life  in  a place where all are equal in All Respect,With Respect and Get Respect.

Anna fast-till-death movement failure was due to the Non-Co-Operation movement of the public parties including the confused and lost  people who where unable to start a Civil Disobedience movement against their own elected leaders.It is easy to fight against a foreign rule but i see,it is more difficult to take a step against their own.Thanks to Human nature.
Anna is going to form a national party but i think sometimes,in how many years the situation is going to resolve.Even God cannot guarantee for people votes.In a country like India,it is difficult to win by majority than by forming alliance or coalition.

Why we think Corruption is on a high.I think 90% types of corrupt activities has been started by us.
Like giving extra money to Ticket-Checker for a berth,To give money to get exempted from fine for rash driving,for stealing electricity and even for buying good quality goods from the government grocery.We are today,fighting for our self-committed mistakes.If the person elected is own from us then we are the criminals.Why blaming someone?
Why playing Alone in the political arena???
Anna has always disowned the concept of getting help from other parties.Why not form treaties with other national parties.Go public ,Go transparent .The young generation has never supported corruption.Young generation is fresh.Only the mentality has to be changed and the time says,IT IS NOW OR NEVER.

[The ideas are totally of the writer without aiming at someone in any sense.Waiting for the reader s views]