Thursday, June 28, 2012

My girlfriend & power plant…DANGEROUS?

Life is hard and so is thinking to frame sentences out of your emotions which are lost in the complex neuron-city of your brain. After coping with facebook and then wasting eight hours in a job which is most of the time sucking the very testesterone from your male hood. Life is really not an easy game. But hopefully there are alternatives by following them you can keep yourself in a jolly mood everytime. This was what I thought a few days ago…
Wasting your money on others is not good all the time but if others is your one of the girlfriends ,then it is worth wasting . One day ,during our regular love talks we started discussing about the kind of work which we do in our work place. She started first and as usual she did’nt stop for next one hour. Wait for a second ,did I forget to mention that she is a very talkative person. In her talks she described her position, her indulgence with all type of accounts, all kind of parts use to make a Big car or a truck or a big truck or a jeep. Again my apologies she works in a automobile company HM. If you are thinking how she ,an electrical engineer went there is a long and a uneasy story. She also mentioned the kind of person she usually meet in her daily meetings. The list includes COO of manufacturing companies,MD of various tyre making companies,all kind of dealers and stake holders . I was not surprised. She is in Purchase department, so this was in work-profile to make a deal where a deal cannot be made. When she said ,she shouts on the and bully them… I was surprised ,,,no no ,,,aghast would be a better adjective.I stood aghast on seeing the picture my mind picturised of her shouting at the MD of a big company. I said I love her work .
Now ,My turn:
Well ,my biggest fault, I asked her whether she had before visited a power plant.She gave a damn straight answer,”No Sweetheart”.
I got annoyed but I loved the answer.
So,I started by mentioning the rankine cycle,,,boiler ant turbine ,,,control room…DCS panels,,,automatic control,,,emergency works at the time of tripping.I also messaged a picture of mine in the control room sitting infront of the turbine panel. I said I do the the most adventurous work in the whole power plant.It also included myself saying, controlling a turbine or a boiler makes me feel as I am flying a rocket.I did a grave mistake by saying this words as this gave her a point to pull my leg.
“Rocket flies by itself “,she said.
“I mean to say an air plane and not exactly a rocket ,you can t think of a spacecraft.”,I said defending my previous statement.
“Those systems are auto controlled”.
“Yes…No ,there are many parameters which need to be controlled manually.Moreover planes and other systems do fly for few hours.Here turbine runs for months and boilers burns too for the same period.”,I said in a confident tone.
The next happening which happened was totally my fault but only God knows how my sub conscious mind took me to that corner of my neuron city where all the bull shit about boier feed pump,pressure,reactive power control, npsh of bfp, turbine blades,vaccum,back pressure ,etc were kept. Actually,I spoke all of that without missing a tone.
This annoyed my beloved girlfriend to such an extent that she shouted like a wife to me,”If you said another of your fucking power plant ,I am going to fuck you”.
“Power plant is sexy ,man…”,I said jokingly.
“Yes,your plant is sexy.I am happy for your job.”she said in a positive tone.
“I am happy for your job.”she said in a positive tone.
“Your work is also damn interesting but not sexy.It is violent.”I said.
“Hmmm…hmmmm…anything you say…”.She was feeling sleepy.
“Hey, you forget the satellites.”I told her in a quiet tone.
“Yes”She shouted(see the ignorance of my love). It seems as if she has jumped over her bed.
“Kavita,satellites do not have pipes in them.”
“Pipes with fluids “.
Our talks were shifting towards a different mood and flavour…ecsatasy…I will say…?

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