Saturday, June 30, 2012

SMS Girlfriend...

Vp:SMS es are always misleading.
Me:No,my sms es are not fake.It reveals my feelings to you in a non       
      verbal  way.
Vp:Why you choose non verbal way.It always fill my inbox.My phone   
      memory is only 2 MB.We are best friends and even more than 
      that,you know,there is no need of that.
Me:I know,but i like messaging...You know everytime i recharge my 
        phone i get 500 messages Free.
Vp:You are so ... (after thinking for a while) send them to a girl.Fall in 
      one -sided love.Feel it.Try luring a girl with sms es.
Me:I have no girl's number.
Vp:Hmmm...Okay ! I will you introduce you to a girl tomorrow in the 
      branch party.Ask her number.But don t give her your    
      number.Anyways,i don't think think she will ask for it.
Me:As you say.

After a couple of days,i and her were busy exchanging messages,cute messages,good morning messages,Miss yousms,Good evening sms,Sleep well sms es,Double meaning sms,Rainy day,Sardar sms,Wise word sms, santa banta message,wise word message,etc,etc,

After a couple of months,
Me:Bitch,,,aviation blonde,Aunt Jemima
Vp:What happened ?
Me:Anki betrayed me,,,i wasted 5500 on phone bills,and i don't know 
      how many nights on her plus my malehood fluid which went away in 
      sewer drain without any result.She is a hardcore B.
Vp:Man,,,i gave you a BBW and now you call her a B.She was a HB for 
      you when you met her and now she is an aviation blonde.What 
      happened?Explain clearly.
Me:See my inbox.
Vp:Phone inbox...!
Me:Na ,,,my inbox?
Vp:(After reading the messages in the inbox)Ha ! ha ! ha!

Well the message in the inbox were the last couple of days conversation.Not to mention in my words,they are as follows:

DAY 5:
Me:Will you marry?
Anki:Who?You?(After a pause before i could reveal my feelings)No.I will never marry.I am happy without marriage.
Anki:Why you ask that?
Me:(Skipping the question)Yesterday was my night shift.
Anki:Sooo sad...No rest the whole night and today full bed rest. Ha ! Ha!

DAY 6:
Me:You know ,yesterday boiler tripped and you came in my thoughts the 
       very moment i synchronised the generator with the infinite bus.
Anki:Hooo !Hoooo!  (Instead of encouraging this steamy 
        conversation)What is boiler trip and bus doing in  a power plant?
Me:(Skipping the question very politely)You remember me.
Anki:Yes,Yes!At the time i message you and sometimes when you 
        message me.
Me:(Heart break) Only two times.
Anki:Two times isn't enough.I can 't think about you all the times.That 
         would be a different kind of relationship.
Me:(Hiding my feelings and trying to express in a different way)You 
       know a person feels comfort only in two place.
Me:One,When he is on bed after C shift and the other you will not 
Anki:Why i will not understand?
Me:Because you said you will never marry.You remember?
Anki:Yeah...I said it like that only....What is the other place
Me:When you are with your wife after B shift.
Anki:Wooo! Woooo!

During the next days and furthur to come ,we  talked about APJ Abdul Kalam becoming the president,exchanged all kind of sms es,etc.We also talked about our foods,dinner,breakfast,etc.
DAY 9:
I asked her to read my blog.
Me :You read my blog.
Anki:Hey.Its really gud...u mention ur power plant in an amazing way...i 
         am spellbound yaar...gud comparison of yur plant wid d rocket ha 
         ha...n haan u have a girlfriend,,,did'nt mention it before 
         haan....something fishy.
Me:Thanx for reading.U liked it.Going to kolkata 2day.
Anki:Kolkata for what reason...ya gf Kavita se milne.
Me:Na..Na...She got married a couple of years back.Going to take a exam.
      She was my school crush.You too must have a crush on somebody...
Anki:Nopes...Not lucky on this one.Ok...All the best for the exams.

DAY 14:
She started getting busy which resulted in her of ignoring  me. Well, everybody  has his life and their daily work.I got impatient sometimes.She was growing as if i was getting addicted towards her.But she denied to understand or reply to my feelings.May be this was too early.But what today happened, i think this relationship did'nt deserve to be continued furthur. 

Me:Hi,,you are well na?
(No message for another next some days,i was also getting busy in my shifts)
Me:Hi,,,say somethinglife has turned dull in doing shifts....Has your 
       message pack finished.
Anki:(After a few hours)Nopes ,,,Why you called at 3 am in the night.
Me:I was in night shift and feeling sleepy.I was calling Aniket...I called 
     you by mistake.Infact it must have been a missed call because i cut 
     the call as soon as i saw you name on calling list.You seem to be 
Anki:I was so much angry at that time.I had set my alarm for 4.30 and 
       you called me 1.30 hr before.I had to catch the train...I have'nt slept 
       well and i am feeling so my sleepy ,,,what i am doing in the office i 
       don't know.Yu know you have spoiled my day.
Anki:Actually,if someone wake me from my sleep...i get angry.Don't call 
       me late night or meassage me late night.
I was dumbstruck.What the fuck i was doing these fifteen days.
Me:Thank you and sorry.
Anki:Why Thank you?
Me:Bye Darling...Bitch. 
                                                                               [Message ends]
Vp:Ha! Ha! Ha!So,you know now...
Me:Yes...Sorry and Thank You...This girl proved to be an eye opener.
Vp:Hey,,,best friends do not say sorry or thank you...
Me:I want to hug you.
While hugging...
Me:It will be be good if i love you like a girlfriend till my marriage... 
Both laughs....