Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A play of IQ,EQ & SQ

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
-Winston Churchill
What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
-Mahatma Gandhi
Democracy is the process by which people choose the man who'll get the blame.
-Bertrand Russel
Much Ado about nothing.I have always believed that the emancipation and liberation of humanity is not in the so called liberation theologies but liberation of minds of human beings.But today,rampant corruption,deterioration of political culture,electoral malpractices,lowering of standard of governance has mutilated the every chance for a common man to accept the fact that  what our political leaders and constitution makers did was to spread freedom,justice,Commitment to education,Equality,Equality of Opportunity,Participation,Social Mobility,Economic Justice,Progress,Integrated diversity,compassion,economic vitality,economic security,etc.Yes,it is right to say that we cannot have an utopia and no country is free from unrest whether social,economical or spiritual.Their has always existed some flaws in the system and system of governance.No system is free from corruption.But,who is the culprit?The perfect and requiring no expertise to answer the question is ,"Its You and Me".Remember,we can also say"Him".This answer is possible because of Democracy.I am not of the view to accept any other form of government because a series of event like industrialization,independence/revolution and globalization needed the power of the nation as a whole working towards prosperity.Perhaps,another stone age can bring a change,the absence of governance.But in today's perspective we find, it needs more expertise and basic knowledge of corruption to answer,"Him".Why?Arguably democracy has been the best form of government.After all turbulent years in India ,democracy still exists in unique forms.Common man,to gain power,position,respect,etc has worked hard and have improved his intelligent quotient and  in the process has learned the importance of emotional expression for survival and adaptation.Though IQ and EQ looks at cognitive intelligence.Nevertheless,SQ on the other hand aims to encourage people to find ways of sensing channels of inspiration floating in the universe.If only a person improves his SQ then only he can sense the right or wrong of his actions and will become aware of the consequences.
Democracy as in Oxford Dictionary has been stated as Noun and defined as a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.But should democracy be treated as a noun.Democracy is a verb, not a noun. It’s an active condition, not merely a state of existence. A journey, and not a destination. Yet,it has been the destination of many to gain position,power and money.A person takes oath of delivering his service fairly and in a transparent manner.But what makes him corrupt then.His ambition to live a king-size life or to secure his family socially and economically.Why He denies to follow the constitutional law set by our founding political leaders and the goals set in the preamble of the constitution.Why he treats Democracy as a noun ,as an entity ?

Can this situation be resolved when the leaders who govern us are itself wrong.Will they accept their mistakes?A straight answer,"No,They won't".Then,what is the remedy to this situation.It is only possible if we come front at our own levels with available resources and fight against such evils which have restrain us from doing our duties and curbing our rights as a democratic citizen.Instead of analyzing hundred of issues concerning the welfare of the nation and accepting theories and making the situation worse by helping it to make a national issue,we should fight and make the corrupt officials realize that they lack spiritual quotient.Democracy was,is and will always in question in its theory but we should remember that is this Democracy which makes us confront a higher authority when they are wrong.So,it is the play of three quotient viz.,IQ,EQ and SQ which may help in long run to bring economic as well as political stabilisation.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its Rainy time

Its rainy time
Rain Rain come again,
Fall on Earth ,quench her thirst 
Dance on flowers and make it blossom
Fill the reservoir ,help in irrigation.
Heavy downpour is all I ask,
For the world is hot and global warming is    sky high.

Rain Rain come again,
Water sells in packets and crops die,
Fruits have lost its flavour but its price is soaring high
Green vegetables are hard to find,and chickens are having a hard time,
Inflation is high and salary is low
Farmers cry and corruption is high.

Rain Rain You must fall,
Because it is the need of the hour
Tune your lighting with the steps of the drops,
Dance your Disco to the music of your thunder.
Fall in random in the still air ,make it queer.
But flow in unison with a march of thunder.

Rain Rain You bring Delight,
For,you are pure and free of pollution
You stop corruption in many ways and prevent inflation.
You bring joy to many ,you smell when you are on the way.
At last,fall on earth ,quench her thirst,
Come with circling clouds with a march of thunder.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dove:The Raider

When it comes to Hair i am a little bit confused ,Who is more worried,A boy or a Girl.Well girl has got more than enough number of hairs to get worried.In my opinion it is the boy who starts feeling uneasy ,the moment he combs his hair and finds hair struggling in the teeth of the comb.The reasons may be many or may be none.May be the comb's teeth are as hard as ladies nails.
The first person he approaches in most of the cases is his best friend.To whom he says in a way like he has committed a crime,here,murdering his innocent hair,"Dude,My hairs are falling.What should I do?".

My story of my innocent hairs who started falling from my head , crushed by the ugly and sharp teeth of my comb and struggling in my hands afterwards and saying to me ,"You,culprit.Had you taken  some extra measures and bought DOVE or visited Dove hair-aware app ,i would have been alive enjoying your head". Was it totally my fault?

 One night ,pondering over the question,i fall into sleep and found myself in place like Thar desert.The place was rough and full of trees with black branches with no leaves and none were similar in structure.The path was zig-zag and i was feeling little dizziness.The sign of O2 or oxygen seemed rare.Suddenly a gang of animals having tentacles on there head appeared from nowhere and started destroying the trees with their sharp teeths.In no time hundreds of trees were torn away from the ground.I stood aghast.This type of cruelty does'nt even happen on earth.What was this place?This was no Earth.
My curiosity was rising.I followed those ugly creatures to their den.My ears tried to hear their conversation.
A1:I love this place.
A2:Yeah,this place has a lot of food and many picnic spots .Yummy!
A1:You know,I almost died in the previous place i lived.
A1:the poisonous flood of DOVE once raided the whole planet killing almost 99% of our mates.Somehow i survived,and one day when the two planets touched each other ,i made my my way here.See,how happy i am here.
He really seemed happy.
A2:Dove.Never say this word again.If this Head comes to know about that flood then it would be the judgement day for us on this head.
A1 shook his head.
I stood shivering in fear.I was on my head standing on Dandruff surrounded by leeches.I stood awake sweating all over from head to toe.
               I found that i had slept on the bus while returning from office to home.I was still thinking,"What was Dove?"
 Suddenly, a beautiful girl from nowhere came and sat beside me.Her long shiny hair made me envy.I told her,You have got nice,beautiful hair.She replied,"Its all because of DOVE".

I know her answer was the end of my hair problem.