Wednesday, February 27, 2013

55 words fiction:Clue ,Race and Death

The excitement know no language.His body was dancing with dirt and sand,circling around the bonfire.

The people said,"This is remarkable.He has finally invented the clue".

He lit a cigarette.He was playing with fire,but here he had a matches soaked in gasoline.

"Boom!".He vanished in the thin air he created a moment ago.
He was the winner of a Dirty city car race who got the clue how to drift.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Somebody’s reading,Keep writing

After reading so many articles on Love and Valentine,i became so lovely in the eyes of myself.Can such things ever happen in my life after crossing twenty five and only a few years remaining in my arranged marriage,I guess there is little scope of love . Well,ceertainly love will take place after marriage.I am still confused, has Love become the easiest subject to think and write upon or has it become the challange that every blogger want to take.I say,Love isn't the easiest challenge.It is easiest to fell in love and it becomes a challenge afterwards.I always wanted to fell in love but my luck favoured my friends.It is always beautiful to read someone's first love and first valentine.For sure,I haven't read a blog titled My last Love on my first Valentine.The thirst of love has always remained unquenchable.I fell in love three times.Simulated by my friend from Lucknow who insistingly asked a question repeatedly,”Who is your true love?”,though I did nt try to answer it the first couple of times.But ,after I gave it a thought,it seemed to me that I was infatuated rather than in love which I thought in the start of my love career.No toxic is better than being infatuated. It has been quite a couple of month dedicating most of my time for fulfilling the reading interests of others.It has also a long time,I talked to my best friend.Today,we don’t share our daily activities nor our daily achievements.We usually talk on national holidays and our birthdays ‘s which occur only twice in a year.I have assumed in my full conscience that reading is the best habit and books are your best friend.

For a person with not a great IQ,it took twenty four years to fully understand the meaning of a friend , the advantage of having books as your best friend.Growing in me ,a prolific reader who likes to read and write and publish on internet or in some magazine do not get a hell lot of reviews.Apart from writing on a plethora of topics extending from love, infatuation, democracy, cartoons,spiritualism and demonism i don t get a lot of audience.But still no regrets,until i came to realise,that audience in unnecessary ,What matters in the content and your self satisfaction. Well, old thought but still holding strong.
Treacherous are the reasons,read it anyway,
Don’t keep it concile,spread it anyway,
Don’t limit your senses,expand it anyway,
Strike the errors,why keep it anyway.
Understand the fallacy,remove it anyway,
Stretch your eyes,say it beautiful anyway,
Believe your senses,understand it anyway,
Somebody is reading,tell yourself anyway.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Silent Excuse...

The sun shining with its full luminescense glowing the corners of the world but the hearts of many still choosed to stay in the darkness.As the scorching heat of the sun reached its full intensity at noon,the office hours witnessed a lunch.The lunch hours lasted for half an hour.An hour of silence and peace and today,with Emma around ,it was going to be a lunch of all times.

Patrick choosed the seat in the corner of the lunch room.The metal benches soon got occupied with all types of butts from different nations.The white and the blacks with brown and the yellow were soon sharing the common table.The place would have beared the look of a UN peace conference only if the legs of the members were not entangled in metal chains.”Commit a mistake and you will go to jail”,these voices kept ringing in his ears all the time he lookeed around the place searching for beloved ones.”Jail!Even if I go ,I will go to a five-star jail”,he would said arrogantly.”Then,you have to be an international criminal”,ironically these alarming lines proved as a motivation for Patrick in commiting crimes in his career of eleven evil years.He landed in this famous jail for fugitives in Illionis for his last crime he committed.A crime which was unaccceptable by the laws of any land in the living world.He did'nt killed anyone.Niether he looted anyone,nor he gave hateful speeches to enrage the masses.He was no political leader nor a godfather or anything near to godfather.

The office-hours in jail have been always a resting time for the convicts providing them with the opportunity to know each other and share their old-memoirs because new ones were too harsh and painful to remember.Time was running fast.He has'nt started eating yet.The crowd was growing fast in numbers and none of the officials have called him yet in the meeting room.The meeting time was next to lunch,”Emma might have forgotten”,Patrick thought or ,”Was the jailor enjoying his situation?”. The jail consisted of all kind of evil people.Was she treated well outside or Was someone hurting her with words ,his mind was working hard to think positive for Emma.

The lunch hours passed and still no call from outside.Emma must have forgotten,he thought.Fours hours passed in isolation and dead silence of his cell which has the occupancy of a single convict.Finally,the hour came by,he was called by the Jailor.Patrick was confused and apprehended of the time at which he was called.”Did something happened to Emma?”,he thought.Fear could be seen in his eyes and his heart beat increased with each foot steps.Patrick! Patrick!”,shouted the jailor.”Here is a parcel for you”.According to the jail-rules,the parcel brought for convicts should be open infront of the jailor.

In no time,the expressions changed from fear to joy.He toook the parcel.Though his hands were trembling,his heart was still.His feet firm and posture stout. He closed his eyes and thought of Emma and ,Boom!

A sheer silence covered the jail.The inmates were shocked.A bomb blast has occured in the jailor room.Their was a dead silence all around .The heart which has choosen to live in darknes was trying hard to look the brightness outside in the form of Emma.Emma,his daughter who died in the bomb explosion.A bomb-explosion planned by Patrick.

Many inmates in the jail were thanking Patrick who died a death which was a safe excuse to meet Emma.A silent excuse...

Monday, February 18, 2013

A new addition to Zero

*This is not a testimonial 

Kudos to the inventor of the word 'spectrum',it  says so much without needing the help of the word 'limit' ,although it limits the limit of all limit.Spectrum defines everything keeping the limit which may be defined or undefined.The spectrum idea  originated within me during a silent conversation with 'she' during which she expressed a desire to have her get expressed from someone like me.She and I met twelve years ago,without sharing a word since then,but when i heard a lot of her without seeing a lot of her,I got a sense,Common Sense. Well,actually She has instilled me with a lot of sense...I mean with all type of senses.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.   

What is mask ? I think distance often masks our real self.But still ...I ask you,Is there a mask ?                                

Who is She?                                                                                                     

She and I shared the same classroom,9 hours a day for a long 12 years along with 60 odd boys and girls but sadly,I must admit we started talking and sharing our stories which happened years ago or which was happening or which was going to happen years ahead from then like best friends after 20 years ,somewhere near my 24th  
birthday.####The quote may appear a little bit misleading but i assure you,a mask reveals every mask which we wear to hide our real self.Every time,i talked to her,I felt her entering into my imagination and striking the chords of old memoirs of love ,friendship and betrayal.She explored my heart and filtered my thoughts like a bee playing with a flower.We shared from anything to  everything.Problems were shared and solutions searched and doubt got clarified at both ends.We shared a symbiotic relationship but i thought of terming it Blind Friendship.
"Love is blind,Friendship closes its eyes",said Friedrich Nietzche.
Much said about friendly^lovely.
Often my mother would asked,"Who is She?",
I said with a sound throat,"Ma,She is seeing someone".
The next moment she burst out in laughter and I say,"Why are you laughing?"
# No extra thinking allowed .../Just remember,'Friendship closes its eyes and solves all the problems.

We often get confused with the term Infatuation and Love.A single silver lining separates the meaning but getting infatuated is like whiskey without soda.Well,Love is a kind of infatuation without the ingredients of love.
Frankly speaking,I am still in dilema.The spectrum is lost in thin air of oblivion with me searching for true love and believe me it will be good if it is infatuated rather than true love.I remember her one word,
Nasha/ Infatuation is intoxicated love///.
Enough of love,friends,infatuation and intoxication.
Her meeting with me was an addition to zero.The spectrum which lacked any bandwidth and lacked any particular wavelength felt a ray whose contribution was inexplicable.It was an addition.She was the one.  

not completed ...sorry...

Monday, February 4, 2013

The confession of a somnolent.

After getting bored with Facebook and twitter,I see GOogle recognises twitter and not facebook.My fault,it does with a capital 'f'.
Yeah,I have come to know an important trait in my personality,i.e.,Laziness.I feel proud to reveal this sorry statement that i am somnolent.Or,i have grown this way since last week after I decided to enjoy life alone with a TV,Internet and some friends.The schedule was a success.But it failed miserably and gave me mental stress which allowed me to dream the dreams which i never thought I will ever dream off.Dreams start looking complicated when you start thinking in the dream,"What is the purpose of me in this dream"?The whole series of Matrix seemed to rotate with the speed of light in front of my eyes giving the message to the sycophant brain,"This dream is a dream and it never existed...Never existed."And I land into reality,on my bed with TV ON,windows shut,doors closed and High Speed Internet Connected.This was any teenage dream and I was living this dream.Thanks to my job.   
 Time for confessions
1:   Television side effects                                                                                                  You start watching Chunki Pandey and your heart starts appreciating the moves of Rakhi Sawant.The boring channels starts geting high TRP's from your side and the 2D television of yours begins to give you 3D effects with Dolby Digital Sound effect.The gloominess of the surrounding which has invaded the brain soon starts to govern the thoughts and their projection on the dreams.I too started showing symptoms which began clear to my brother when i started following Big Boss on facebook and began downloading its episodes . Nevertheless,it was a relief to my brother when i found that the entire season was not even available on internet.But I added to his horror when I started uploading Big Boss episodes on the internet.But,to my horror,it never got a peer till date.
2: Internet usage and data spent
Though I succeeded in uploading the entire season of Big Boss but my insight to the use of internet was completely different.I assure you , I did'nt download a single nibble of porn content.But I did watched a lot Justice League cartoon on you tube. Infact ,I watched all sort of cartoon and followed Comic Addicts community on facebook to which i added some serious stuffs.Even some cartoons from Pogo TV became my favourite.Though my brother turned mad all the time at me but I think he understood my condition.I spent most of the time cherishing the reality which my sub conscious mind created round me.I became a member of the justice league with Amazon woman as my fighting partner.But ,in that dimension,I missed my Ben 10,000 watch.After spending most of my real as well as virtual time in other dimension ,well other than with having cartesian,spherical and cylindrical contents,I also used my high speed internet to try fruitless attempts to hack my friend's email-id by employing all kinds of tips and tricks available on the internet.Well, I suppose I learned a little bit of virus programming. :)  Not to miss the fact,that I remained online on facebook,gtalk/google +,orkut,twitter and yahoo messenger all the time whether I was conscious,sub-conscious or unconscious.I lived my moment  but nobody dared chatting me the second time.So,I made a lot of friends.Making new friends-my new hobby and I did nt belive when I was reading the article written by me,"tips and tricks for making new friends in Less than 1 minute".
3: Food habits 
 I will only say that I behaved like a zombie feeding only on chicken and fishes with no or less than no green vegetables.Please don't ask who brought chickens and fishes.Chickens flew to me through my window and fishes came through water pipes and i usually found them enjoying swimming in the water basin and basking in the light of the tube-light.I successfully added a couple of kilos to my weight.

4:Something happened...
Well,something happened...
I starting talking to her.She and I shared the same classroom,9 hours a day for a long 12 years along with 60 odd boys and girls but sadly,I must admit we started talking and sharing our stories which happened years ago or which was happening or which was going to happen years ahead from then like best friends after 20 years ,somewhere near my 24th birthday.She was first to wish,first to spread a million dollar smile on my face where my facial expression parameters  can be said as non-linear,time variant.

*The nature's call was attended on a regular basis but bathing was temporary necessity during the somnolent period.
#To be continued
@In the next post-"A new addition to Zero:An old friend"