Saturday, March 30, 2013

I will Cry

I will cry 

I am lost in oblivion and forlorn,
With bygone thoughts reborn,
Stuck with doubt and apprehension,
I am lost in a cycle of hope and tension.

I will be forgotten with countless expectations,
Lost in the infinite array of desires and dimensions,
Teased and tortured by the callous world,
Blindly walking I,holding the hands of destiny unfurled .

I cry with close eyes & tears rolled down my cheek,
A flower blossom as I try to slow down the tick-tick,
I rub my eyes,to see your silhouette,
Doubting your existence,I murmured with irate...

We sought,We fought,We created,We destroyed,
You taught me to"Share",I asked,"Why?",You said,"It is called Care",
You left without a word,without a fight,
I had nowhere to go,with all my might.

Stuck in a limbo,I looked out of the window,
The moon was smiling with stars saying,"Bingo",
Stuck with doubts and apprehension,
I am lost in the cycle of hope and tension.

                                                   © Gunjan Kumar

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Still Waiting!

I am still waiting,
With patience and style,
Looking for a look,
Of grace and peace.
Simulated with anger and joy,
I am still learning.

Tough is to wait,
In nastiness and ridicule.
Fighting the isolation and stillness,
Of dearth and breach.
Tangled in silent complications, 
I am still waiting.

I will wait, 
With a code of respect and silence.
Creating the error,
Of your false presence and permanent absence.
Fallacy still remains, so subtle,
I am still learning and waiting.
                                                                                                      ©Gunjan SInha

Friday, March 22, 2013

Question Unanswered ?

Stars are born day and night,
Sun shine in day and moon in night.

I am no vampire but you are an angel,
You may be ghost but I am no ghost buster.

I can conjure food and water,but I am not a magician,
I want to live but you want me to die.

At the age of six,You taught me to "Share",
I asked,"Why?",You said,"It is called care".

We sought,We fought,
We created,We destroyed.

You left without a word,without a fight,
I had nowhere to run,I was only nine.

©Gunjan kumar

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I and She on a scooter

Me on a scooter,Tired but steady,
Was passing through the market,crowded but quiet.
With Red sun low on the horizon,and birds flying low,
I was expecting a rain and a blow.

A sweet glance and a devious smile,was all I need,
I slowed down for the charming and beautiful.
With voice charming,”I want a lift to the railway station?”,was all she need.
Now,Me and She on a scooter,Invigorated and convulsive.

Enthralling was the way with slight intermittent drizzle for the rest of the day,
Crushed on the way,Love seemed to be waiting for us on the highway.
Suddenly,on a precarious turn,Scooter made a nasty sound,
Against my will,it reduced its speed and the battery indicator halved and decided to stop abruptly.

Still,a mile to cover,I stood heartbroken,
She waived her hand,again.
A long car stopped,a lucky driver sood by and again,a voice charming was to be heard.
Life is a box of choclate,I recalled.

-Gunjan Sinha

Friday, March 8, 2013

A kiss of love

[Happy Women s day....
Beauty lies in concealing beauty.

The gravity of the statement lies in the beauty of the statement.Beauty wears the crown,and if we go the famous saying,Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,I start feeling uneasiness.

Feeling which arose from bottom of my heart which signaled my poetic brain to compose something,I could'nt resist my fingers.It started playing with the keys on the keyboard and what came after was as beautiful as a rainbow and believe me it is as brief as dream.

As calm as a summer sea,She looked at the horizon,
With moon spreading its radiance and breeze tenderness.
She spread her women's eyes to unlock the mysterious nature.
Befuddled with the view of the disarrayed waves,She gazed the moon for answers.

But moon as if taken the vow of silence,refused to answer ,
In the silence of the darkness,She crave for a human touch
A soft kiss it was ,She desired,
A kiss of love from her darling love.

She saw the happy face cloud shimmering in the moon's candlelight,
A date with destiny was all she was waiting.
She,a woman,spreading love all this years ,bearing the heat and the cold.
Was now waiting under the acquaintance with the moon.
                        ©Gunjan Sinha

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fall in is lovely

This song has always taken me into a different world,a world of love where heart speaks and eyes talk or the other way around!!!Falling in love in a hectic schedule which span over three shifts makes life so smooth.It is truly said,"Love happens only once,,,the rest is life."
If love is war,I am a knight
If She is the prize,I will pay my life
If she is a dream,I will be somnolent for rest of my life
If she is a queen,I will be the king for her.