Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Mountain of Lie ,,,ha ha ha

I thought of terming it as Hill of Lie,but the world ,the nasty world likes mountain but not hill,ocean but not sea.

The day was moon-lit with sun setting giving an insight to Nature's understanding of combination of primary and secondary colors.The evening was awesome and this gave me an insight that the night was going to be dark and weary.I was walking in the middle of nowhere with one thousand eight hundred and fifty stars staring at me without blinking their eyes even for a second.May be,the weather was too clear and the clouds stayed away leaving the sky barren,I thought.I kept walking with a leather bag containing some Horror books with romance mix with a small  erotica percentage.I loved horror till that day until i met a witch.

A witch who resided in big towers with no clock but a giant bell which rang not every hour but at every merciless kill which the witch did to feed her nine stomachs.The witch with her long white hair would strangled her victim and then suck his blood of the body.It gave her power to remain a witch,but she aged just like a normal woman.In our times,I mean when we where young we fell in love and our love brought on Earth,the first original demon,the cruel,merciless,two-long teethed,Dracula. 
                           Yes,Dracula was born to us.He was born on our first date after we had our first sexual encounter.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Individual Imagination and Corruption?

 My first article for Vivid Magazine titled:Individual Imagination and corruption...Very much grateful to Vivid team for My first post for Vivid 

                    Imagination turned into hallucination with fear in mind for it turning into reality sometime /aftertime. Aftertime...It can be afterlife.Dreams,sadly cannot be termed as imagination but as matter of observation ,both can be realized with open eyes and closed eyes.Dreams are superficial and highly volatile but at times they proves as the oars guiding destiny of an individual or many individuals.Crowd,a group of many individuals with individual passion and dreams ,yet ironically,we always do a statistical analysis or a mass observation by taking individuals as a crowd.Their imagination is lost in the sea of oblivion where the many dreams make a crowd and imagination its boundary.The mind becomes a sycophant or servile flatterer of the heart imagining that sometime,someday their dreams will come true and dreams will get turned into reality.A fact so strong in the sub consciousness that it always becomes the driving force of a man's success.The reality is always mocked but the dreams are hated because for it lacks an instant reality-converter characteristics.It checks the strength of imagination as well as the bootlicker mind who always seeks permission of the heart for every executions of our actions.Most of us cannot surpass the will of the heart and are lost in the web of our dreams which indeed is woven with the sheer help of our imagination.Nevertheless,successful individual are entirely opposite but the crowd is never taken as a successful entity.Sometimes crowd is massive but once the individuals of the crowd starts proving their own imagination,it becomes like a misguided kite in a calm weather.Let us take a practical example:Movement against corruption-We are a crowd with a common goal -To curb corruption,To bring back Black money,etc etc .But do we stick to it as an individual.A straight answer ,"No".You will say,"We strike to change this mentality".
Being frank in a realistic way,an individual is easy to govern and mange but a crowd with infinite imagination and dreams with a boot licking mind and an emotional heart,Can this be achieve in today's scenario of globalization and cut throat competition which starts right from our birth where our father fights to get a doctor and a nurse plus a ward for me to come out.A child fight for marks to get a job,he fight for his love otherwise he may get arranged by sheer imagination and dreams of his family.Indeed,he fights till he reaches heaven or hell.Who knows,he have to fight to get a rebirth or salvation.Gita says about karma.Go on doing your karma and you will get results,but at the cost of corruption/humiliation/dissatisfaction.It tells us to fight.Fight,as an individual taking others towards a common goal .We can certainly do this.We did.We will do it again.It is a basic instinct by definition.Fight till death till someone grow and fight your fight.The circle goes on and on.The perspective of the discussion may have a degree of psychological inclination but it tries to strike right into the hearts of the common whose wisdom lies in fighting back with dignity and if he fails it is never late for him to make an obtuse angle for evils like corruption and truthfulness and faithfulness finds a very acute place.Still nothing changes instantly but the change is felt in the long run.May be the fight today is towards political corruption but the loophole lies in our own development.We make the system corrupt and the system punishes us.Its never late to let our imagination and dreams combined together with a bold mind and led with a strong will and take a plunge into the sea which is not blue but black .A great teacher said,"The Homo Sapiens community must be divided into four groups namely A,B,AB and O with respective biological classification.I felt ,if not now but when their would be scarcity of water,food and shelter and when money would have lost its significance,then the entire human race would be distributed as above.May be it is a sort of prediction but what made him think of biological division of a crowd a mandatory one and above caste division of today.May be he was irked by the callousness of social evils or may be was highlighted in the society by his caste or may be his blood group was a rare one.
Be whatever the point,i hold the view of him being felt dissatisfied of his past,present and future generation.His imaginations and dreams never caught hold of each other and might have been mutilated and moulded by the circumstances of which he never had any control of it.This is seen everywhere.People make various observations and make inferences and take it as a benchmark for their experience with have a denying attitude for accepting the new generation thoughts and passion.This picture is a common show in the corporate sector.And still young follows the old with a background dream of thinking that when old perish they will be the hero of the story titled,Old vs New.This goes on and on.The old fights for the new and the new fights for themselves and their successor.The fight goes on and on.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beginnning of Ram Rajya:"Tu Banega Crorepati?"[Just a thought]

The news connected:
From  elections  and  buying, Mehta and Gupta, Private and PSU, Friends and  enemy , India and Pakistan ,Congress  and  BJP or  Aam Aadmi  and Businessman ,it is never easy to choose between them.

We always read newspapers after watching 100 khabar in ony 10 minutes.Though we know the truth,we still want to re-read it.KBC is an option to become a Crorepati  but it also chooses the luckiest.

Lets forget the corruption and the dirty  politics,let us say,Ram Rajya has taken over India and there is no need to choose between Mehta or Gupta.Nobody wants to become Main Banuga Crorepati.Let us see what will happen when nobody wants to become rich,a world where everyone is happy with what he has got .Suppose this happen after 5 years ,one morning…

Leaving behind technological advances and other social turmoils which have affected human and animal race ,the human has awaken today with a new change and a new goal.He will not do anything bad.He is brand-new now.He does'nt know the word corruption or anything like that,but he remebers going to office and also eating,buying,playing,watching TV,etc and most important of them to vote.He now does'nt dicriminate between Mehta and Gupta or anything.

He has good five words printed on his mind,"Live with Equality & Spread Love".With no thugs and thiefs left,people now only know the word,"Share".Profit has lost its meaning.So has Loss.Let us see...

All  wife will say to husband,"Dont stress yourself too much,We will sort things out which is rather unusual these days where Wife says to her husband,"You can't do this...You can't do that...See Mr.Mehta...Compare yourself to Mr.Gupta...

The milkman will start saying,"The milk has 10 % water ...".

In the exams ,the teacher will never tell lie before distributing the question paper that the paper is easy.

People will say,"पहले आप,पहले आप..."|

In KBC,Big B will ask the contestant,"Kaun Banega Crorepati?" and the contestant before going for HOT SEAT will ask each other,"Bhai Sahab,Aap Banega Crorepati?"|

People will be unable to make choices and there will be chaos and confusion during election.Always the government forming in the centre will be a coalition government.So,I can say Congress/UPA will always emerge as a winner.

God,if there,will become Jobless...

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